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Honda Civic Best Gas Mileage

Honda civic best gas mileage - The Honda Civic has long stood amongst the leaders when it comes to outstanding gas mileage. Mainos Toimitamme autot ilmaiseksi suoraan kotiisi ympäri Suomen yli 5000 auton valikoimasta. Honda Civic -vaihtoautot luotettavasti ja edullisesti Kamuxilta. 2020 Honda Civic Sport Touring. Whether its powered by a traditional gasoline engine or a hybrid your Civic should be saving you money at the pump. Get a Price Quote. 183 MPG 7 minutes ago. Honda Civic modified for hypermiling 104 mpg average. Honda Accord has ample passenger space and excellent finish in both the interior and exterior departments. Mainos Find the Best Deal on a New Civic With Special Offers In Your Area.

Reducing speed from 65 mph to 55 mph improved fuel economy by 6 mpg in the Altima and 8 mpg in the RAV4. Mainos Kaikki Honda Civicin uudet mallit. 356 MPG 8 minutes ago. 31 gals 100 miles. 95 mpg US at 65 mph 25 L100 km at 105 kmh. Photo by HONDA. The approximate mileage on a level road burning non-ethanol gasoline at 85 degrees F ambient 294 degrees C is. What fuel economy does it get. Driving More Efficiently - FuelEconomygov. Browse Low Cost Honda Accord Models.

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Honda has a long history of mileage check out Hondas High Mileage Club to learn more. The top-of-the-line Civic Touring also is fitted with the 15-liter turbo but its ratings drop to 313834 mpg though it enjoys the exact same mpg improvement over its predecessor as the Sport. With an average fuel consumption rate of 116kmL the Honda Civic boasts great fuel economy. Get a Price Quote. Whether its powered by a traditional gasoline engine or a hybrid your Civic should be saving you money at the pump. Katso autot ja jälleenmyyjät meiltä. In fact since 1978 only late model Civics equipped with a 20 liter engine have dipped below 30 mpg in highway driving conditions. I did a 300 km trip on mostly flat very light hills and got 5L100km which is like 47mpg. 95 mpg US at 65 mph 25 L100 km at 105 kmh. The penalty of cruising at 75 mph rather than 65 mph was almost 7 mpg.